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shanhay_1920x1200Your "Reliable assistant" provides a wide range of services to Russian citizens, and foreign nationals. We will help you to sell, buy or rent housing, purchase goods, provide translation services, courier and personal escort to help in the proper paperwork. All this we can accomplish through cooperation with reliable partners, who over the years have proven.

Skilled professionals working in legal, real estate , consulting firms, notary offices will help to carry out any transaction quickly and safely. They know the intricacies of the law, can in the shortest time to find and inspect any property, therefore, will quickly solve any of your problem. They will check all the documents, so you can be assured that your transaction will be safe.

If you need to buy the metal or the equipment in China or Russia, we will come to your aid. Among our partners are the largest factory on the territory of Russia and China. We work only with those manufacturers that produce really high-quality product and sell it on favorable terms.

We work only with reliable partners, therefore, turning to us for help or advice, you can be sure that you will get a really high quality service and helpful advice.

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    "Our company is your reliable bridge between China and Russia. We will help you to solve a number of important issues both in Moscow and in Shanghai. Our support is available for both Russian and foreign citizens."

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    "Turning to us, you can calmly deal with important issues at home, knowing that in China, your business is booming. We save your time, quickly and efficiently solving all the current issues. Cooperation with China, as well as the acquisition of real estate in Russia for foreign citizens — it's just if you can rely on a knowledgeable, reliable partner.")

China, in particular Shanghai is interesting for students as an educational  centre. In a medium sized business, entrepreneurs also find plenty of opportunities and prospects in close cooperation.

Business with China has been and remains one of the most quickly pays for itself. Investing in products, production, organization of business in Shanghai, surrounding areas and other cities in China brings significant dividends, due to the large margin of profit. As in any other segment, requires some knowledge of mandatory legal literacy.

We have extensive experience in providing the following services:

  • Providing information about real estate in Shanghai/China;
  • Selection of the necessary object for residence, business, trade, production, and other purposes;
  • Legal support of lease transactions and the acquisition of real estate objects;
  • Search by criteria the most suitable object, providing the connection of the buyer with the seller;
  • Verification of documents;
  • Helping students in choosing an educational institution;
  • Escort on Shanghai translator-tour guide.

You need a representative in China? We have employees living in China, native speakers with impeccable knowledge of the Russian language, with legal and economic education and decades of experience in these areas.